Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Surprise that's Not!

As I write this, my stomach is churning. Why? Because on Tuesday morning Rob is driving me to the airport. Early. We shall leave at about 7, a time that is normally the middle of the night for us pensioners. That is usually the time one of us opens one eye to see if it's coffee time, and if it's an odd number day, Rob does the honours. If it's an even day, it's my turn!

But, as usual I digress.

I am flying to Durban at 10.35 on Tuesday morning. Landing in time for lunch! This was all planned way back at the beginning of the year when my brother-in-law Norman contacted me about my sister's birthday. I blithely suggested that I fly down (up, over, across?) to spend some time with them, as a huge surprise and he was sworn to secrecy! My plan was to simply arrive at the door the day before her birthday and take a photo of her face as she saw me!

Taken last year, Diana, Catherine and me!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Alfie is Lost!

Alfie is lost.

I don't mean physically, no, he is here, sort of, in body only! I mean mentally and psychologically lost. Look at the photo below, does this look like a happy, well-balanced animal?

His head on Rob's pillow! Eish!

I rest my case!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Canine Conniving!

As you may (or may not) remember, our perimeter walls are only 90 cm high. Some people don't worry to build walls, and some people have walls but no gates. So, it's easy for the dogs to nip out and go for a walk, or in Alfie's case, hop over the wall and pop next door! And he does. Every morning without fail, Alfie meets up with his friends on the corner under the lamp post and when they have finished sniffing about and kicking the lamp post, they all go next door to visit Emma and Coert. Who spoil them all terribly!

Waiting for the gates to open!

Sometimes they have to wait a few minutes for the gates to open, rather like arriving a little early at the Mall, but finally they all head in to greet the neighbours and have a biscuit or three!