Sunday, 13 September 2015

Karoosing We Shall Go!

We are lucky living here.

In front of us we have the sea and behind us, not too far away, we have the Karoo. In between, we have mountains! On Thursday we are going to turn our backs on the sea, hook up Hyacinth, load Alfie into the car, head over the mountains and explore the land on the other side!!

Being retired is tough. We have days and days to fill, and all the time we need to fill them! We have places to go, caravan parks to check out and roads to follow, and this time we are heading into the Karoo. That vast, empty, endless-skies and uncountable-stars paradise, where sheep marinade themselves from the inside by grazing on a limited supply of herbs and fynbos.

We have booked our wonderful house/cat/fish/bird-sitter, we have made sure that there is enough food for all the above mentioned species, and we have started to load vittals for us (and Alfie) into Hyacinth.

We shall explore Sutherland, Prince Albert, Albertinia (that may take an hour), and Robertson. We shall find little places to eat and I shall sample the wines of the area.  Morning fry-ups for breakfast and evening braais are the order of the day and we can't wait! I need to do a lot of in-depth research so that my next blog will be the usual informative and witty writing!

So, two weeks of meandering, reading, eating and exploring.

Normal service will be resumed around the 4 October!!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Plumb Crazy!

Did you hear the joke about the Irish tap-dancer?
He broke his ankle falling off the sink!!

I laugh every time I hear this.
As I write this, we have the plumber lying on his back with his head in the cupboard under the sink!!
Shame poor man, this is the third time he has been here since Friday! When we built the house we purposely chose taps that our hands would be able to grip if they were ever riddled with arthritis, you know the kind, big sticky-outy things at right angles so your fingers didn't slip round and round! I thought that they were stainless steel and that they 'would last forever'. In this place, forever seems to be about five years if you are lucky! But Rob said that they were in fact chromed!

Our taps brought him to his knees!