Sunday, 25 June 2017

Pajamas and Jam!

You could be forgiven if you think that this post is all about me having breakfast in bed...
But it's not!

There are some things in life that just go together, a book shop with a coffee shop attached where you can read while you eat cake. Or a laundromat with a pub attached (we saw those in Ireland.. so sensible) where you can have a glass or two while the washing does its thing in the back room!
But, until last week, I would never have put the following together... a restaurant and a ....scrapyard!
I went to Stellenbosch to 'baby-sit' my daughter's cats for a few days while they were away game driving (and making everyone jealous) in Kruger Park. I spent a happy time knitting and reading and having the odd glass of wine until she returned on Sunday. And then I 'kuiered' ('visited' is about the closest English word) for a couple of days catching up on some eating time!

And one of the places we went to was exactly what I said.. A restaurant called 'Pajamas and Jam' (I am still not 100% convinced that that is the correct spelling of Pyjamas) with a Scrapyard attached.... or if you prefer, a scrapyard with a restaurant attached!

See the helicopter on top?

On the top of the building was this US Navy helicopter, I had to send the photo to Rob who is fascinated by anything that flies. He wants to put the photo on the Avcom forum to see if anyone knows anything about the history of this 'bird'. How did she end up on top of a building in Somerset West, just outside Cape Town?