Monday, 25 August 2014

Pot Anybody?

Here is a 'really truly' story for you! But no photos this time as I am sure you will understand once you have read the following:

But first, how many of you remember, of have heard of 'Springbok Radio'? We used to listen to it in the 60's, 70's and the 80's and loved the stories like 'Squad Cars', that were (supposedly) true, (ja right) with the deep voice reminding us that 'only the names have been changed to protect the innocent involved' * (Sadly the arrival of TV in 1976 heralded the closing of the station in 1985.)

Our little village is the perfect place to retire, it's quiet and nothing much happens to destroy our peace! But every now and then we have some excitement! Read on:

I have a friend, let's call her 'Susan' * (not her real name!) who lives quite close to us and I see her often when we walk with Alfie. She lives alone (apart from her pets) and is wanting somebody to share the house and help with the rent. A good idea. So, she put an advert on one of the well known internet sites that has categories for just about everything.

And she had an answer fairly quickly from a person whom we shall call 'Jim'*! After exchanging emails, they agreed to meet and discuss arrangements and exchange information. 'Jim' arrived at lunch time, with a variety of metal studs in various places, and stayed for lunch. That was not part of the deal, but 'Susan' was about to eat when 'Jim' arrived. So, after a lot of discussion and agreement about rules, they decided that they would give it a try after 'Susan' insisted on rent up front! Several times. Which didn't happen anyway.

So, fast forward to the following Sunday. A bakkie (truck) arrived with 'Jim' driving and a muddle of household things on the back, including a number of pot plants.'How nice', thought 'Susan', 'someone who likes gardening.'

However, on closer inspection the pot plants turned out to be healthy 'dagga' (marijuana) plants, grown by 'Jim' in the garage of his previous accommodation!

Along with the plants 'Jim' had a sprinkler system, a fan and lights, so the plants could grow in the gloom of 'Jim's' side of 'Susan's' double garage!

'Susan' was flabbergasted, naturally, and simply pointed a  finger at the gate, telling 'Jim' in no uncertain terms, never to darken her doorstep again! Or words that meant basically that!

But, I think this is what made 'Susan' really furious. Not the plants or the fact it was illegal and that was bad enough. No, 'Jim's' parting shot was what really did it. Adding insult to injury, as 'Jim' drove away the words 'What's your problem? The cops would never think of checking up on an old lady like you!' floated back to her!

We are the same age, so I understand her disgust! And horror!

It's enough to make you roll a joint and light up!
Peace man!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Eggcitement on the Corner!

Now, if you read the title this week, you will think that here is another food post! Yes and no! It's more about the circle of life and the changing of the seasons and growing up.........and a bit about food too. But it all ties in as you will see.

All grown up!

I have written many times about Pieta the goose who lives on the corner. She raised the orphaned Egyptian geese and keeps her garden clear of weeds (and intruders!) Every day we look for the special 'dissels' or thistles that she loves to eat and we give them to her as we walk past with Alfie. She has become so used to our gifts that she gets quite excited when we call her and she knows that we always have a treat for her. Sometimes she comes over to our gate and then I let her in to find her own treats that grow between the stones.

Pieta and me, weeding!

Monday, 11 August 2014

'Ave an Avo!

When we stepped off the mail ship 'Edinburgh Castle' in Cape Town in 1959, we were a young, green, immigrant family! Well, mum was green as she suffered the whole trip with sea sickness, and would literally shudder at the mention of food! Dad had retired from the Metropolitan Police and had been recruited by the NRP (Northern Rhodesia Police) for a three year tour. So, we arrived in Cape Town after a two week voyage and then faced a three day steam train journey to Lusaka. (As we pulled into the station late on the Sunday evening, my sister slammed her thumb in the toilet door and we came face to face with a knife fight and two bleeding men! I think that mum was ready to kill dad by then!)

But, I must be used to those words by now!!

When we were shown to our compartment on the train, we saw a lovely basket of fruit, sent, we all thought, to welcome us to Africa by the NRP. (Actually, we discovered later, much later, it was sent to the wrong compartment and wasn't ours at all!) Anyway, it contained fruit that we had never seen before, mangos avocado pear. Now, bearing in mind that the only pears we had ever seen and eaten before were the usual 'apples and pears' type pears, green skinned and fairly hard to bite into, dad assured us that the hard, thick skinned 'pear' was ripe and ready to eat! What did we know? We tried to eat it, dad cut it up and removed the stone and we manfully bit into the hard, bitter skin and flesh. It went out of the window very quickly and I resolved never to eat another one......ever!! Many years passed before mum gathered the courage to try again!

Ripe and ready to eat! (Thanks to Google)

Monday, 4 August 2014

International Day of the Cat!

I have had a really frustrating weekend with regards to the Internet. Listen to me grumble when a few years ago I was learning how to send a text message. Now I get frustrated if Google is not available as quickly as I need it! I was trying to find something interesting to write about this week and I always find something if I surf the net!!!

And this morning I did! I decided not to bore you with the fact that my car needed a new battery, and the grader had graded the roads just in time for the rain. No, I delved further. Did you know that August 6 is 'Root Beer Float Day'? Or that 7 August is 'Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day'? I thought not. Or how about August 9? That is 'Rice Pudding Day' (and I can do without that thank you).

But, this is what caught my eye. Friday the 8 August is 'International Day of the Cat'.

Our dear old boy Clyde.