Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sail on, 'Maggie-May'

I love this photograph of our boat 'MAGGIE-MAY'. Ever since we moved here I have been looking for a boat. Let me stress that I did not want a seaworthy vessel, I have no thoughts of braving the waves and getting wet and cold, no, I wanted an old boat that could end her days happily squatting amongst the greenery of the garden.

Our 'Maggie-May'

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Rugby and Roadkill.

Earlier this year I listened to a very interesting talk on the radio about the plight of the Riverine Rabbit. I then decided to join the very worthwhile 'Endangered Wildlife Trust' or EWT, hoping that my small contribution would help in some way. I receive their newsletter via email and each time I read it I see words like 'extinct', 'global warming' and 'endangered species' and I shudder. But, this month (apart from the doom and gloom), I read with interest that EWT is proud to announce a partnership with the Gauteng based Golden Lions Rugby Union, which is putting its force behind carnivore conservation (what else??) by running a competition in which a signed Golden Lions jersey is up for grabs! They are the very well deserving 2011 winners of the Currie Cup. (I am and always shall be a Province supporter, but I must admit that we did not play to the best of our ability this year!)

Sunday, 13 November 2011


It's time I introduced you to the 'Honeysucker'. No, this is not an exotic bird with colourful plumage, this is a machine that quite literally keeps us out of the s**t! A tanker driven and manned by wonderful people and I cannot praise them enough! They must have one of the worst jobs that I can think of, and yet they are cheerful, polite and efficient.

The Honeysucker in position!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

There's (g)no(me) place like home!

We have just returned from a wonderful few days at a caravan park near Hermanus, the Whale Capital of South Africa! And yes, I saw wonderful sightings of them, rolling, wallowing and blowing just below us, putting on a show for me that brought tears to my eyes. They are truly amazing and the image will remain with me for many years. However, this blog has absolutely nothing to do with whales, as the title suggests!

Gordon Bennet AKA Sneezy!