Sunday, 25 June 2017

Pajamas and Jam!

You could be forgiven if you think that this post is all about me having breakfast in bed...
But it's not!

There are some things in life that just go together, a book shop with a coffee shop attached where you can read while you eat cake. Or a laundromat with a pub attached (we saw those in Ireland.. so sensible) where you can have a glass or two while the washing does its thing in the back room!
But, until last week, I would never have put the following together... a restaurant and a ....scrapyard!
I went to Stellenbosch to 'baby-sit' my daughter's cats for a few days while they were away game driving (and making everyone jealous) in Kruger Park. I spent a happy time knitting and reading and having the odd glass of wine until she returned on Sunday. And then I 'kuiered' ('visited' is about the closest English word) for a couple of days catching up on some eating time!

And one of the places we went to was exactly what I said.. A restaurant called 'Pajamas and Jam' (I am still not 100% convinced that that is the correct spelling of Pyjamas) with a Scrapyard attached.... or if you prefer, a scrapyard with a restaurant attached!

See the helicopter on top?

On the top of the building was this US Navy helicopter, I had to send the photo to Rob who is fascinated by anything that flies. He wants to put the photo on the Avcom forum to see if anyone knows anything about the history of this 'bird'. How did she end up on top of a building in Somerset West, just outside Cape Town?

Monday, 22 May 2017

Fun With Floyd!

Last week we went camping!

For ages we have been thinking and planning and deciding whether to hire a Mobile Home and spend a week trundling from camp to camp, spending one night at a time and moving on each day. We wanted to see whether we preferred a Mobile Home to the caravan, so Rob did some homework and sent off an enquiry to see what the costs etc would be.

Back came a very nice mail confirming that the dates we wanted were indeed available, and after Rob had deposited R48 000 (that is forty-eight thousand rand) into their account (for insurance you understand, returnable when we dropped the vehicle back), we could organise a day to come and have a quick lesson, pick it up, and drive off into the sunset.

As you can imagine, we abandoned that plan and loaded up our trusty Hyacinth!

The campsite we chose was one of our very favourites, 'Koningskop' on a working citrus and rooibos tea estate. We went there last year, and vowed to return!

So, last Monday we rolled into camp just after lunch (a brilliant burger at Piketberg), and went straight to the site that we had last time. Grassy, shady and right next to the all important Ablution Block!

Home sweet home! Ablution block to the right!

Monday, 8 May 2017

Hee Haw!

As you may have guessed from the title, this post is about donkeys!

Today is World Donkey Day!

This comes at a time when donkeys are facing increasing danger from....guess who? The same people who believe that rhino horn can help with sexual enjoyment and are happy to receive poached horn, the same people who enjoy smuggling abalone out of the country, the same people who will happily eat dogs and cats, the same people who are extremely friendly with the government of this country.

Are you with me? Nudge nudge wink wink.

Donkey skin seems to be the next item on their Shopping List and they don't care how it is obtained. These gentle animals are subjected to unspeakable pain and suffering. Skinning alive seems to be the quickest way to obtain the skin and sadly in South Africa, money speaks louder than any human kindness to many people. I don't care how poor or hungry a person is, there is absolutely no excuse or reason for cruelty to any animal. Or child.

Sickening. (All photos thanks to Karoo Donkey Sanctuary fb page)

Animal Rights in South Africa? Poof, non existent. Our Animal Rescue groups have virtually no monetary help and rely only on private donations. They do an amazing job, but they are literally farting against thunder.

But, back to donkeys!

Waiting for death.

A few months ago there was a horrific 'Auction' of donkeys and horses in the Northern Cape at a place called Hartswater. There, hundreds of animals were squashed into pens with no food, no water. Some were in foal, some had their foals with them, some were horribly injured, and all were destined for slaughter.

Unless they were saved!

And most of them were.

The Karoo Donkey Sanctuary (find them on facebook or google them and read all about it) raced to the rescue. From there, the rescued donkeys were transported to the Sanctuary by huge carriers who donated their time, money and trucks to help. Fodder was donated and transported by farmers from both near and far.

Ready to load the rescued donkeys.

These Auctions are held quite regularly I believe. But before the Hartswater one was so widely exposed, I had no idea that this could happen. In South Africa? No surely not. (We also have a major dog fighting problem where dogs are stolen for breeding and fighting and small dogs and cats are stolen to be used for bait. Sickening? Yes..... )

Bales of hay delivered for the lucky ones.

Many countries in Africa have banned the slaughter of donkeys and the sale of the skins. Niger, Ethiopia, Botswana and Burkina Faso to name a few.

And South Africa? We should be hanging our collective head in shame.

We are still waiting for any action or condemnation of this cruel and despicable practice .

To the sanctuaries like Karoo Donkey and Eseltjierus in the Western Cape, a huge Thank You. Without people who work so tirelessly for the donkeys of our country, more skins would find their way overseas.

I leave you with the photo that sums it all up.......

(Pic thanks to Google)

Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Boys Are Back!

Reading the title, you would be forgiven in thinking that someone in the family (or someones) had returned from holiday.

Wrong. Read on.

For the last few weeks Morris the cat, (he of the bladder problems), has been going 'bos' (bush) in the evenings. Popping in and out during the day as usual, he suddenly decided that he was going to razzle overnight and pick the odd barney with whoever was around, and we have been waking to the sound of caterwauling! Alfie hates hearing cat fights, so we let him out to referee the fight and chase off the interloper. This can be anytime before dawn!

So, on Saturday night Rob noticed that Morris had a lopsided look about him, and when l had a closer look I noticed that he had a rather large abscess on the side of his head. There was a scabby area, so I fiddled and managed to clear quite a lot out of it. He was very good, but wasn't too happy about me squeezing for very long.

Sunday being Easter, there was no vet around, and Monday was a holiday too. We decided to go and see Aunty Vet on Tuesday morning!

Early on Tuesday morning we set off with Morris in the box (furious and hungry and complaining), and Alfie along for the ride (or so we thought!)