Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Dubaai Braai!

I know that this is a little late for the real thing, (well, only a month really!) but I want to share my National Braai Day with you! As you may remember, and as the four week gap in the blogging may show, I have been away. I am now fairly nonchalant about airports, booking in on-line, boarding passes, going to the loo before necessary to avoid having to queue when it is very necessary, airline food in plastic packets, balancing a three course airline dinner with cheese and biscuits and packets of sugar and cutlery on plastic trays (and eating said three course dinner with my arms pinned to my sides), drinking coffee during turbulence (eish) and managing to find a movie by touch-screen  which often means jabbing at the screen while the chap in front decides to recline his seat so you can't see the movie anyway because it is now  too close!

Proudly South African, our own Iwisa brand!

But I digress!! September the 24th saw me in Dubai, staying with my daughter and her husband so, being true South Africans, we had a braai! The really exciting thing was going to the local supermarket and seeing our Iwisa brand maize meal sitting on the shelf next to other imported brands. I felt right at home!